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Sanitary Process Vessels and cGMP-Style Mixing and Agitation

Open Top Plastic Tank
Sealed High Purity Aseptic Polypro and HDPE Mixing Tanks


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Following Applications:

  • Buffer prep
  • Media makup
  • Vaccines
  • Bioreactors
  • filter hold agitated vessels
  • Chromatography slurry media makeup
  • pH adjust
  • Diagnostic and reagent manufacturing
  • Semi conductor chemical mixing
  • Disposable mixing technology
  • GMP biopharma blending

Contact White Mountain Process for poly tanks and vessels for mixing and blending for pharmaceutical mixing, as well as biotechnology products, vaccines, buffers, media make up, and other mixing applications.

While designed and developed for the critical standards of the biopharmaceutical market, our poly tanks and vessels may be used for many types of blending and agitation. White Mountain Process’s sanitary vessels are manufactured from FDA-compliant polyethylene or FDA and USP VI polypropylene – perfect for mixing and blending, while providing the assurance of no metallic leaching.

Our poly mixing tanks meet critical sanitary needs of biopharmaceutical processing, as well as other industries.

Designed and manufactured to meet the most rigid biopharm and cGMP standards.

High standards are critical when it comes to contaminant-free mixing. For example, we designed these process agitated vessels for the purest process waters or chemistries. Our conical tank bottom is designed to provide complete drainage, and can be fitting with the most aseptic no deadleg outlet valves.

White Mountain Process offers NO deadleg fittings or “low profile flush mount” fittings to assure no internal tank protrusions to collect particulate. This clean design means our plastic vessels and tanks do not have crevices, welds or seams to support microbial growth. One-piece, rotationally molded construction or custom fabricated poly tanks yield a rugged and corrosion-free container – perfect for blending, solution make-up, storage, and dispensing applications. In addition to clean design, we can include CIP (Clean in Place) spray balls and nozzles can to facilitate tank cleaning and sterilization.

A complete solution

White Mountain Process can help you accomplish your mixing equipment goals. We provide CIP spray nozzles and offer Riboflavin testing for cleanability. We can also assist you with FAT(Factory Acceptance Testing), mixer run testing, and a variety of options including instrumentation, controls, dip tubes, sample valves, pressure and vacuum protection, to provide a total solution for your mixing project needs.

In addition to process vessels, White Mountain Process offers additional poly and plastic accessories for a complete mixing & blending solution.

  • Mixer impeller – plastic shaft or impeller (PE, PP, PVDF, PTFE, ETFE)
  • Mixer Stand – the stand may be plastic, coated steel, or stainless steel and can include castors for portability, load cells, or fixed mount pads
  • Mixers – top entry available, or bottom entry mag drive orientations